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What happened to JPEG Graphics

FL Printshop is the phoenix replacement of JPEG Graphics. JPEG Graphics was a collaboration between 3 businessmen in 2003 in South Beach to provide printing and marketing material to the emerging hip hop club scene in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, and New York. Due to economic conditions of the economy, JPEG Graphics closed it’s doors in December 2008. There was the main office which was JPEG Graphics also known as JPEG Printing. The following location was JPEG Atlanta followed by JPEG New York and JPEG Ft. Lauderdale. There was a short lived JPEG Graphics Las Vegas but it shortly closed it’s doors FL Printshop still maintains vast artwork from those days and continue providing services to many in the promotion and entertainment business. The owner of FL PRINTSHOP is one of the managers of the original JPEG Graphics team and maintains steady contact with all the managers of all JPEG locations.   Check out our new website at and check out all the products we offer. From business cards, to brochures, magnets, flyers and postcards, FL PRINTSHOP has you covered....

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What are QR Codes and how do they work

QR codes or also known as Quick Response Codes are 2d or two dimentional codes that carry digital information. They somewhat are like barcodes however barcodes can only have 20 all numerical information, while QR codes can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters. In simple terms, it provides customers an access to the information it contains such as product details and contact information that the business owners want them to see. QR codes offer great assistance to small and medium business owners in terms of sharing product information and other details essential to their customers. Here are some examples of how QR codes work and where they can be used: Business Cards – QR codes can be printed out on calling cards or business cards, customers can scan the code and get contact details or other information. Promote Websites – Quick Response Codes can be printed and placed on the products when the codes is scanned it would directly launch to the business’ website. Satisfy Customers – If a business provides products that needs to be installed, installation procedures can be contained on QR codes which can be scanned and accessed right away making it easy for the customers to access the information. Location Finder – Customers can get access to directions on how to go the the business’ location and it can also contain a map for convenience as this information are...

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Tips for a Great Business Card

Whether you are an employee, a boss, business owner or anyone who has a profession, it would be wise if you have a business card to hand over to people who may need your services. A business card will usually contain all the necessary information like your name, contact number, nature of your business, etc. It is one way that your to-be clients get to have a slight background about yourself. Business cards also give you the edge or advantage against your competitors. Not having a business card in meetings can be a bit of a downside especially when your competitors have them. You shouldn’t think that a good personality and a well-built professionalism is enough to give an impression, but handing out business cards will even escalate your popularity. Giving out these cards will play an important role even after you have met the person. Considering the design of a business card Before handing them out, you should also consider how important the layout and design of your business card must be. Just like in any case, people usually take interest on something especially if it looks good at the first glance. People will really take time on reading the contents of your business card if everything is well-placed and incorporated with an attractive layout as well. When doing the layout of your business card, always consider your...

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