Whether you are an employee, a boss, business owner or anyone who has a profession, it would be wise if you have a business card to hand over to people who may need your services. A business card will usually contain all the necessary information like your name, contact number, nature of your business, etc. It is one way that your to-be clients get to have a slight background about yourself.

Business cards also give you the edge or advantage against your competitors. Not having a business card in meetings can be a bit of a downside especially when your competitors have them. You shouldn’t think that a good personality and a well-built professionalism is enough to give an impression, but handing out business cards will even escalate your popularity. Giving out these cards will play an important role even after you have met the person.

Considering the design of a business card

Before handing them out, you should also consider how important the layout and design of your business card must be. Just like in any case, people usually take interest on something especially if it looks good at the first glance. People will really take time on reading the contents of your business card if everything is well-placed and incorporated with an attractive layout as well.

When doing the layout of your business card, always consider your target customers or clients. Don’t make the contents, especially the texts, too small or too big that anyone who sees it may be having a hard time reading it. If this happens, people may often misinterpret or misread what you put in your business card. This will eventually result to your business being rejected and your clients will turn to the next best thing which will be your competitors.

By proving a good layout, you can definitely assure that you have the edge so far. If you don’t know exactly on how layout a business card, then here are a few tips that you may want to try:

Text size guidelines – The size of the text is always important especially when you want a specific line or phrase be attracted on the first look. If the text is bigger then it will mean that it is important. Using different text sizes for everything may look a bit messy and untidy. So you should always go for a typographic consistent design.

Industry Specific Information – Professionals such as lawyers, architects and doctors use a smaller size for their contact information.

Testing – This is important before printing out final copies of your business card. It is one way of telling if your card looks pleasing to the eye. Be sure that your card won’t have a lot of white spaces coming from the printing paper otherwise it will look unpleasant. Always prioritize the balance of the layouts as this is important at the first look.

Content – This is probably the most important part of a business card. The content will contain all your necessary information which will give your clients a brief idea about your profession. Be sure to include everything which you think can give you the edge against your competitors.

When you plan on giving out business cards, you must study it carefully and plan which you think can attract your clients most. Just remember that a good business card will make your clients think that you have great interest in your profession.


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