FL Printshop is the phoenix replacement of JPEG Graphics. JPEG Graphics was a collaboration between 3 businessmen in 2003 in South Beach to provide printing and marketing material to the emerging hip hop club scene in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, and New York. Due to economic conditions of the economy, JPEG Graphics closed it’s doors in December 2008.

There was the main office which was JPEG Graphics also known as JPEG Printing. The following location was JPEG Atlanta followed by JPEG New York and JPEG Ft. Lauderdale. There was a short lived JPEG Graphics Las Vegas but it shortly closed it’s doors

FL Printshop still maintains vast artwork from those days and continue providing services to many in the promotion and entertainment business. The owner of FL PRINTSHOP is one of the managers of the original JPEG Graphics team and maintains steady contact with all the managers of all JPEG locations.


Check out our new website at flprintshop.com and check out all the products we offer. From business cards, to brochures, magnets, flyers and postcards, FL PRINTSHOP has you covered.